By:Sienna Moua

This is Pres. Fran├žois Hollande, France's current leader.

This is France's capital Paris.

Germany,Italy,Spain, Switzerland are all France's neighbors.

France's size in square miles is 248,573 if you add all of these.

France population is around 66 million people.

People in France speak French

France money is called Euro.

France temperature is moderate.

France's most important product is milk, butter, cheese, wheat, and wine.

This is the map of France.

This is the french flag. Red and blue are the traditional colors of Paris, where the main revolution was fought, and white is the color of royalty.

This is Joan Of Arc, a important person in France. Joan Of Arc was born in 1412 and died in 1431. Joan Of Arc was famous for expelling English invaders.

This is The Eiffle Tower, you can see this in Paris. You can take a elevator to the top.

This is a lynx one of France's animal. Lynx eat little animals but sometimes can eat deers or sheep.

This is Aiguille Mountain, people would go to Aiguille mountain for sight seeing.

One common dish that the French eat is croissants.

In France, they play soccer but they call it football.

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