Aspergers Syndrome

Also known as a disorder

What is Aspergers?

What are the symptons?

          Aspergers is a form of autism. It is a development disorder that affects a persons ability to communicate and socialize. It begins in childhood and continues on through adulthood and affects the way the person can reach common sense as well as the way a person can process information. People who are diagnosed with aspergers syndrome interacting with people challenging and use their imagination in different ways then others.
         The symptons of aspergers are you will have obsessive interests, formal and or distinct speech, Routines, having troubles speaking to people. People with aspergers have a wide range of imagination and hand motions.

How does a person get it?

How can it be prevented and treated?

           Aspergers is a hereditary disorder. That means it is passed down from a parent to a child. You can not control if you get it or not and it can not be treated, but there are several therapies and strategies that will help improve the functioning and improve behaviours of the person.

Social and cultural views

It is believed that autism is a different way of being and not a disorder to be cured. Although parents will argue for a cure.

Emotional life;


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