Adopt-a-State Power Point Project

4th Grade Tech / Mrs. T

Create a Power Point presentation to share interesting information about your Adopt-a-State.  Include the following:

Required Elements:

  • State name AND nickname (Ex. South Dakota / Mt. Rushmore State)
  • Statehood date (Ex. South Dakota - November 2, 1889)Geographic region and bordering states (Ex. South Dakota – Midwest / Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota)
  • State capital (Ex. South Dakota – Pierre)
  • Population AND year (Ex. South Dakota – 833,354 [2012 Census])
  • Largest city and its population (Ex. South Dakota – Sioux Falls / 156,592
  • State flag
  • List of sources of information and images

Choice Elements: At least five elements from this list are required.

  • State tree
  • State flower
  • State animal
  • State bird
  • State fish
  • State seal
  • State motto
  • State rock, gemstone, or mineral
  • State food or beverage
  • Other state symbols (Please check with Mrs. T)

Bonus Elements: None of these elements are required, but will be counted as BONUS if completed.

  • Average high temperature
  • Average low temperature
  • Average rainfall / precipitation
  • Famous landmarks (Ex. South Dakota – Mt. Rushmore, Corn Palace, Badlands)
  • Lakes / rivers
  • Famous citizens
  • Important events in the state’s history
  • Other ideas approved by Mrs. T

Need some help with creating a Power Point?

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Don't forget to be practicing your states and capitals!

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