Breanna Denise McKnight
September 13, 2000

My favorite colors are purple, lime green, and sky blue. My favorite hobbies are texting, watching TV, and playing games. My favorite TV shows are The Fosters and Dance Moms. My favorite foods are: fried chicken ( that's my most favorite), Boneless wings from Zaxby's, 3-meat pizza from Little Ceasers, and french fries. As you can see to the bottom, is me! It doesn't look like me but it is. I like taking pictures of myself and making myself look different so I can feel good about myself.

I think I'm funny sometimes because people laugh and sometimes, they say I talk like a old woman. Lol. I'm a nice person ( at times). Everyone who knows me, knows that. I'm skinny. I eat a lot! Trust me. Well that's it. Hope you liked it. :)

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