Financial literacy

I chose a police officer and my name Jacob Arebalos and my yearly income is 30,211.

Yearly income/monthly income

My yearly income for the police officer is 30,211 dollars.what i did was 30,211 subtract that by 4,531 and got 25,680 and then i did 25,680 divided by 12 and got 39.95 and so my monthly income is 39.95.


For a month for the police officer it is 213.60 and six months it is 1281.60 and for a year it is 2563.20.The way i for all of this was for the month i did 25,680 divided by 12 and got 39.95 so the monthly would be 213.60.So for six months all i did was 213.60 times 6 and got 1281.60.So then for a year all i did was 1281.60 times 2 and got 2563.20.I am not saving more than minimum because the police officer does not make a lot of money yearly.

House And Car

The car i have or motorcycle I have is the kawasaki motorcycle.The reason i chose the motorcycle is because it was the cheapest on from all of the car it was cheapest on gas,insurance and the car payment.The apartment i chose is the top because it was the second second apartment  from the i i could afford and it is pretty cheap so that's why i chose the  second apartment.

grocery list

Item          cost

Milk           2.31

Eggs         4.38

Butter        5.28

Sugar        4.58

Bacon        8.44

Flour          7.93

Tooth Paste  9.48

Tooth Brush  9.98

Salt            1.28

Pepper       3.95

Cereal         7.22

Landry detergent  13.68

Vegetable oil  7.38

Deodorant   8.48

Shampoo      6.98

Toilet paper   22.48


My budget did get all the way to 0.My housing is 500 dollars my utilities is 120 dollars my car payment is 172 dollars my car insurance is 65 dollars my gas is 70 dollars my groceries are 400 dollars my clothing is 100 dollars my entertainment is 150 dollars my heath insurance is 150 dollars my phone is 80 dollars when i go to a restaurant I would spend 100 dollars and my fun money 400 dollars.