Things Included In A kindergarten in Singapore fees Structure

When it comes to taking your child to kindergarten there are usually some costs that come with it. However when it comes to new parents or parents who have spaced out children, the prices they paid at their time may be extremely different from what they actually pay. In this case if you are looking for a kindergarten and before settling on a specific one here are some things that are included in the kindergarten in Singapore fees - structure.

Tuition fees
In every kindergarten in Singapore there is no actual standard tuition fee that is applicable to all. Even when it comes to the same group of schools there is usually the disparity that comes with the fees, depending on the location of the school and its target audience. However the tuition fee is usually as low as $70 to as high as $350. As your child progresses from Kindergarten 1 to 2 the tuition few is usually increased by about $50.

Uniform fee/Stationary

In many schools in Singapore the need for uniformity is usually very high and this is usually shown in the exact uniforms each student wears. To achieve this most kindergartens usually make each parent buy the uniforms in school when they are enrolling their child. In this case you will have to buy the uniforms in the school the cost is usually about $20.

Registration fees/ deposit

Another payment that you will have to part with when looking at the kindergarten in Singapore fees structures is registration fees. Regardless of the school in which you decide your child will enter the amount is $15 to $60. However this is usually just a onetime fee until they have to move schools.

Extra curriculum activities

If you are looking for your child to go to the best of kindergarten schools then there is an additional price to pay in this regard. If the school has a pool then that is an additional cost, If it has tennis courts, basketball courts and any other game that requires space an equipment it will eventually ass in the schools fee structure. However the specific amount all depends on the school and its priorities.

Children are usually extremely delicate when it comes to taking them to school for the very first time. In this regard unlike in higher classes there is usually an insurance payable for the child’s sake. In this regard many schools usually charge depending on the insurance they use.