Teacher-Teacher Modification

  • I described in this section how I will have Susan help me take care of Rocky the hamster to develop a bond with her. It is important that I create bonds with ALL my students, so each week I can have a different child help me with Rocky so all children are treated fairly. Creating classroom jobs and having children each take turns will be an excellent learning experience for all children in my class. Some of my jobs can be things like line leader, door holder, weather watcher etc.

Student-Student Modification

  • When creating opportunities for Susan to participate in physical activity with other children, it will also be beneficial and important for me to encourage and expect all children to do the same. As the teacher, it is my responsibility to help children create bonds with each other and recess is the perfect time for me to do that.

Motivation Strategy Modification

  • I mentioned the idea of having Susan have her own behavior chart in this section. When Susan gets five stickers she gets to wear a Tiara. I could modify this to fit all children by having each child have their own behavior chart. Once any child gets five points, I could have them bring a toy from home on a Friday and get to do a show and tell to the rest of the class.

Teaching Strategy Modification

  • I mentioned how Susan will have her own workbook with pictures of family that makes this book personal and special for Susan. I could create a "Family Wall" in the classroom where all children get to bring pictures of loved ones from home and get to put their pictures on the wall. Something like this will help all children feel like they have a piece of home with them in the classroom.

Assessment Strategy Modification

  • I think all children need to be assessed in ways that move away from pen and paper quizzes and exams. When I talked in this section about how I will move away from Susan and assess her learning from a distance, I think this would also be an appropriate thing to do with all my students. I will make sure I even out my time and approach all students during independent work to see how they are coping with the assignments. Asking all the students questions and taking time to visit their tables will also show them how much I care about them as an individual.