The copyright vocabulary

The first word is copyright it is the owner has control of what can be done with their intellectual property. If you make a video on youtube that only you have done and some one steals your own idea you can report it because you have copyright of it,

The second word is fair use it is exceptions and limitations to copyright law that allow the public to use portions of copyrighted material. Someone could put their own work and use fair use.

The third word is hacking it is when you are accessing someone's computer without permission regardless of the activity or intent.

The forth word is Intellectual Property it is when original work protected by copyright law. You could make a photo and it says it might be copyright by the owner.

The fifth word is piracy you use piracy when music, movies and software are copied and "burned" illegally.

The sixth word is plagiarism. Plagiarism is when you "steal" someones work and use it as your own. If you were doing an essay and you search something up for your essay and steal someones example for the same kind of subject it is plagiarism. You should put it as your own words.

The seventh word is public domain. Public domain is when you use materials that are not protected by copyright law that can be used by the public without permission or payment. Like a free website.

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