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Dear Work No. 965: Half of the Air in a Given Space, I cannot lie when I say that our relationship was a love/hate one.

For two months I waited patiently outside your door-- assisting art loving folks enter and exit your world. I carefully shoved each 11 inch purple ballon back into your chamber only to have you spit two more back at me. Sometimes one of your orbs would pop in my face, leaving me shaking. It was times like these I seriously doubted my love for you (and your love for me), yet I would still defend your relavence who all those onlookers who doubted your artfulness. No one ever said loving you was going to be easy. I forgive you. You live and breathe as I live and breathe. of my feelings. for all the times you made me laugh, and for strengthening the sense of camaraderie between my coworkers and I. We still talk The first time I met you, I was No one ever said loving you was easy. All things a worthy piece of art should do. I would defend you.

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