Computer graphics &animation

Session 1
by clayton maxwell

The first thing that I did was mack a stop motion little move. thes was done by a web cam and tow gummbey figers.The stop motion was fun and esey to mack with a few min of work.


in session 2 we did was make a morphing. this is when you tack on thing and morph it in to something.

session 3 & 4

in session 3 we started to do a jack in the box. we later went and add movement to it and toys around it to mack it look good. the movement was done by adding little movement to it.

sessions 5, 6 & 7

in session 5 & 6 we made a logo this later had movement and cooler to it. this was later rapt up in session 7 by fin it with a full little move.

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