Moon's Importance

Andi Morris
4th Hour

The Moon's Role

The moon causes many things that occur on Earth. There are three things that are the most common occurrences. Those would be eclipses, tides, and phases. They are an important part of how Earth is. They each have an important role.

The Moon's phases occur at about a months time. There are 8 phases we can see from Earth. We see the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. We only see one side of the moon because of it rotations so therefore we see the same phases. The phases cycle in about 29.5 days.


The Earth's tides are cause by the Moon's gravity. Sine the moon is so close to Earth, the sun and the Moon's gravity pull on Earth's water. This causes tides. Where the moon and sun are located effects whether it is a low or high tide. If the moon, sun and Earth are aligned, the tides form bulges at the sides of Earth(spring.)If they form a right angle, there is an equal amount of tides(neap.)


The Earth, moon, and sun all contribute to the Eclipses seen on Earth. When the moon is between the sun and Earth and aligns in the middle, there is a solar eclipse. When the Earth is between the Sun and Moon and are aligned, that causes a Lunar eclipse. The eclipses seen from Earth can be a very amazing sight to see. They create a specific look to them that is just something needed to witness. That is what the moon contributes to eclipses.

The moon plays a very important role to everything in Earth. Specifically Eclipses, phases, and tides. The moon causes many things that occur in all of those events. Maybe some are unknown, but they're there. The moon importance is very big.

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