Brittany Ramirez                                                                                                period: 3

My PAAC Digital Portafolio

          "Emails and blogs      
what i have learn in this unit was how to send a email to your teacher or any other person.

    "Digital photography" 

what i learned about digital photography was how to use the digital camera and upload the picture to the computer to iPhoto

"Keynote presentations"
in the keynote presentations i learned how to put an audio in it and put a link of a website, some of the presentations we made where the project called creature where we have to create our own fictional creature and the other project was to make a presentation about a game


"Video Production"
In video production we used iMovie to create our own movie trailer in groups we also used iMovie to create other projects

"Sound Engineering"
In this unit we used "Audacity" to edit sound, we practiced with an an audio of Bart making his voice to fade, we also learned where can we get music without breaking the laws of copyright.

In we photoshop we learned abou t how edit pictures


"Desktop publishing/pages"
we learned about C.R.A.P
C: contrast
R: repetition
  A: Alignment
 P: Preposition

in animation we've learned how to make a stop motion animation and what other types of animations exist

"Fashion design"
In the fashion design unit we learned some type of clothing and how to design our own clothes by using photoshop

"Game Design"
in game design we learned how to make our own video game and we learned what are the components of the game

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