Caring For An Infant

By: Whitney Warder, Maddi Hayes, and Erika Barerra

How to Safely Hold Your Baby:

Safety, physical care, and emotional bonding are involved in picking up and holding a baby. A newborn's neck muscles are not strong enough to support the head. For that reason, anyone picking up and holding a newborn must support the baby's neck and head at all times. By about 4 months of age, babies can hold up their heads without support. Whenever picking up or putting down an infant, try to move smoothly and gently to avoid startling him/her.

How to Meet a Baby's Nutritional Needs:

In the first year of the baby being born, their basic source of nutrition is breast milk or formula. The first 6 months of life, a healthy baby's nutritional needs can be met solely through breast milk or iron-fortified formula. At about six months, sold foods can be introduced. Babies under the age of one should not be fed cow's milk because it is hard for them to digest. Parents should discuss their baby's eating plan with the baby's doctor.

Best Type of Clothing Suitable for Baby:

A new baby does not need a lot of fancy clothing. However, they DO need diapers, undershirts, and simple outer garments. The most common wear for a newborn is a sleeper, which is a one-piece stretchy garment that has feet or a simple drawstring. When babies begin to crawl, they will need more durable clothing that allows movement. Clothes should not be so snug that the baby has trouble moving, but they should also not be so loose that they get wrapped around or stick under the baby.

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