Dr. Donald Sonn: A Published Author

Dr. Donald Sonn is a physician who specializes in urology. The doctor practices in the Urology Group of Western New England where he has been for nearly twenty years. The talented physician and committed doctor, Sonn, has received many rewards for his hard work and dedication to his medical field and patients. One of the ‘rewards’ that Sonn has received is publication. Dr. Donald Sonn has had many articles published in a variety of notable medical journals.
The published research papers of Dr. Donald Sonn were on a vast amount of subjects all dealing with his specialty of urology. Sonn spent four years at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center completing his residency program at the medical center in New Hyde Park, New York. Knowledgeable on the subject of urology, Dr. Donald Sonn published an article called “Contact Laser Vaporization of the Prostate: Statefire Technique” co-written with Gopal H. Badlani. The article on the then-new contact laser vaporization was printed in the 1995 April issue of the Journal of Endourology.

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