Fever 1793

published by: Sandra and Gracie

About the story

In the book fever 1793 it is about a girl and her family going threw tough times in her town. it first starts with a few people then everyone starts to drop like flies.Then out of the blue her mom gets fever she stays in the house while her and grandpa has to take her to complex,but while there on the buggy her grandpa starts to cough and they thought he had the fever they had to get of her grandfather starts to get sick and she gets worried so that she takes care of him then she went to the town to spare some food and she gets light headed and blacks out.When she wakes up shes in the hospital with her grandfather by her side. He was okay,she thought he just had a cold once she recover they go home and start to run the coffee shop up with some other people.She knows her mother is gone she is worried sick and her grandfather past away.She was on her own with her friends then one day.The president comes into town a little while after that her mom comes threw the door she feels safe again they reunited.

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