Email Etiquette Assignment

by alexzaiah deras

1. Do not make an e-mail longer than it needs to be.

(It makes it harder for the reader to read from the computer)

2. And do not use ALL CAPS.

(They will think that you are yelling or your mad at them)

3. Read the email before you send it.

(If you don't read your email before you send it you might of made a mistake)

4.Use meaningful subjects.

(If you are emailing a company for a product you would have to give them product information)

5. Do not forward chain letters.

(Chain letters are like if you send this to 5 people you will win 5,000$)

6. Do not use text speak.

(When it means do not text speak in a email for an ex: r u going to the mall)

7. Don't email someone you don’t know.

(If you email someone that you don't know they can find personal info)

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