Exploring for England

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Your Highness I have come to ask you for a favor. I have come from Greenwich, England to ask for you permission to sail across the Atlantic Ocean and look for gold and silk in the new land, America. Queen Elizabeth 1 I wish that you grant me your approval, because I will find gold and silk but also I will claim more new land for England. I will also look for a new place to put a church. That way the Natives will convert to Christianity. I also promise that I wont turn them into Roman Catholics. I have three main resources that I will find and offer you. I will find gold, silk, and  valuable pearls and diamonds, because I know that you have just begun your rule as Queen of England and France and you will need money and with many precious gems and pearls that England may not even seen before will make the supreme leader of England and France with out having to say a word. Oh and don't worry about the Natives they will be great help but if they resist to help England find what we need I will force them into telling and will not stop until I get England what it needs. Although I have to admit  that their will be some obstacles. It is the year 1559 and The Native Indians don't really know our language. So I will have to use hand signals to communicate with them. I do know that John Smith has taught the Natives a little English. So I won't as hard to communicate with them. All I need to go on my journey is two ships 100 dollars for food for the crew and a crew. I really want your approval and your help, Your Highness.   

Thank you for your help.

By: Mashi Molligoda

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