British presents in India

Cailynne Hoelscher & Hallie Majka

How did Britain become established in India?

British involvement is splint into two phases, in the first half of the century the British were trading on the coast of India, and in the second half they entered a war in which they won which established there presence in Britain.

What was the impact of British rule in India?  

British seized power by brute force impoverished all of India

What events led to Indians independence?

1857- India's first war of independence.

1885- The Indian national congress was created; became the nations leader in the independence movement against Britain.

1920- The non cooperation movement was an important phase of the indian struggle for freedom.

1940- England involvement in the second World War weekend the British Empire.

1947- End of British rule.

Provide a biography of two individuals who were important to the British/Indian relationship during the colonial period.

Queen Victoria reined the longest in English history she saw advances in industry, science and communications. She lived from 1837 to 1901.

Subash Chandra Bose was one of the most promineint leaders in the Indian independence movement, he helped organize and lead in the indian national army. He lived from 1897 - 1945.   

Britans impact on india was negative because it destroyed the traditonal economy. They were also guilty of depleting food and money stocked and having high taxes.