Pyramid Scheme

My game is a race to the middle of the board involving 4-6 players. * Still pending*. Each player will have an even amount of squares to move on both sideways and forward as well as distance to the middle.   Within each players respective area, there will be color floor symbolizing each players area as well as a special bonus to the player. Every player will start off in their own area that correspond to their color. Along each players special boundaries, the boundary lines will contain openings that allow access to another persons area which the player can move freely but may suffer movement distance along with negative effects.

Each player gets 3 magic spell cards and 2 movement cards totaling to 5 cards in their hand with no more at any point. Some cards will only work with a certain player and others may work for all the players. Movement cards will mainly work with the player who drew the card unless otherwise specified.  Use strategy and teamwork to win the game for yourself.

The objective is crazy structured chaos to all players.  The players are going to be laughing and having fun while streaming and yelling at each other. With many twist and turns as well as quick alliances that come with a quick back stab as well.

I think it appeals to close friends or competitive group of people. Hopefully easy to pick up with a heavy replay value.

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