Making a Storyline

The Drop of Honey, Riffat Iqbal, English Language

The King

The king dropped some honey from his balcony while breakfasting.

The Minister tried to clean it but the king refused.

The honey melted and dripped down the balcony.

A fly came to eat the honey but the gecko saw and ate it.


A nearby cat saw the gecko and ate it.

A dog sleeping woke up and attacked the cat.

Cat and dog fighting

The minister asked the king to stop the fight but the king refused.

The owners of the cat and dog came to separate the dog and cat but started to shout and fight at each other.

Owners shouting at each other

The friends and family members of the owners came and joined the fight.

The soldiers came to stop the fight but took sides and started to fight.

The minister became worried and requested to stop the fight but the king refused.

Civil war broke out and destroyed the country.

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