Juan Peron
by Lauryn Bolduc

1) Profile of your leader

Juan Peron was born on October 8, 1895. He was born near Buenos Aires but grew up closer to Patagonia. His family was a low middle class family. Juan Peron began his military career at 16 where he entered a military school. After his time at military school he joined the army. Because his family was in the lower-middle class he served in the infantry branch because the calvary, which was another branch was for children who were in wealthy families. Juan Peron married his first wife in 1929 but she died 8 years later from uterine cancer. In 1944-1945 Peron was Vice President under Eldemiro Farrell. Peron's first term as President was a very successful one, he paid off forgien debts, centralized the grain industry, raised worker wages, and built schools and hospitals. Peron spent 1955-1973 in exile in Spain and Venezuela.

2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

  • This video talks about how Juan Peron was arrested in 1945, while involved romantically with a radio star that was able to get him released from jail. They then were married a few days after his release. He had easily won President in 1946 and served for 9 years, this inspired him to change many laws and thoughts throughout his country. Examples being, granting women freedom of speech, nationalized businesses, and instituted many public work programs. But Ava, his wife became the real star and many people believed she was the one who should have received credit for all of Perons doings.

3) Creative Piece

Journal Entry:         In the beginning of my life I had big plans to become a leader, my family was poor but on the edge of escaping poverty. By the time i was 16 I was able to get myself into a military school to develop the skills to become a sophisticated leader. I soon joined the Army, but because of my family falling into the lower middle class I served for the infantry branch, I wasn't complaining but it sure did get me off to a bright future. I am Vice President under Eldemiro Farrell, but quickly worked my way into becoming president, President of Argentina. Let me tell you, I was a very successful one at that too. I was able to pay off foreign debts, centralize the grain industry, raise worker wages, and build schools and hospitals. It was a miracle, my people just pushed me to reach further and further for success each and every day. This all came to an end, the day I was exiled.. Exiled into Spain.

4) Essential Question

If Juan Peron had not been exiled do you think he would of continued power in his military ranking?