Dr. Bruce Lish

Dedicated to Promoting Dental Health to Children

About Dr. Bruce Lish

Dentist Dr. Bruce Lish compliments his career by promoting oral health to children through education and entertainment. A graduate of the NY Goofs Ultimate Clown School, Dr. Lish has served as the founding director of the Dr. Molar Magic Foundation since 2005. The nonprofit organization teaches children the value of oral hygiene through a combination of magic shows, circus performances, and educational programs. Under Dr. Bruce Lish’s direction, the foundation has developed several well-received programs, including “The Dr. Molar Magic Show,” ToothZone carnival games, and clown rounds in local hospitals.

In addition to his nonprofit work, Dr. Bruce Lish maintains an active presence in the dental field. His articles have appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Implant Dentistry, and he has presented lectures on a wide range of topics to dental associations throughout New York City. An assistant professor at New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Lish currently maintains affiliations with the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, the Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center, and elsewhere.

Dr. Bruce Lish received his BA and DDS from New York University. A member of the American Dental Association and International Association for Orthodontics, he currently serves as the director of the division of general dentistry for St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City. 

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