This is where I will keep my information that I have gathered at TCEA this year. Then you may look and share/learn along with me.

I attended TCEA at Austin Convention Center.

I created this TACKK while in a session at TCEA. It was very easy and the best way to learn to use it is hands on. So I will continue to update throughout the day.

This is the tackk that my instructor created as she was teaching me how to create a tack.

this is another tackk that she created during a professional development to show everything she taught the teachers.

How is a tackk helpful to me?

you can create a comment stream during a professional development. you can also use it to add notes and information and share with other teachers/professionals that you promise to share your notes with.

Some sites that the presenter spoke about using are thinglink, picmonkey,  canva, smore and pixlr (which is for chrome). Canva and pic monkey has stickers and items you can add to create a personalize banner for your tackk or website.

PBL Online  

This is the first session I went to at TCEA. It was wonderful and the presenter was very inspiring. He is a virtual teacher and all of his classes are done in a PBL format. He argues that PBL is not project based learning as most equate it to but Problem based learning. Which means we need to choose a problem, give the students some boundaries and expectations; then let them fly. The examples of timelines and PBL's that his students have created are amazing.

Only the cool cats are at TCEA this week! LOL!

If I have students under 13 trying to view and use my tackk then I can create a passcode that I can give them so they can access. Then they can create a tackk and it would be an anonymous tackk and so you will have to have an alternate way to turn in their assignment

Invite codes for students under 13 Create codes in setting on your tackk account. Have kids use some type of identifying name for their project First name last initial or period1#1 something like that And you can view the tackks that are created with an invite code.

Comment Stream