Dr. Cynthia Stephenson

A California Dentist

About Dr. Cynthia Stephenson

An oral health professional, Dr. Cynthia Stephenson treats patients at her Walnut Creek, California, private practice. Her responsibilities include delivering high quality dental services, managing employees ranging from the office manager to hygienists, and overseeing the business end of the operation. In an effort to stay up to date with modern dental practices, Dr. Cynthia Stephenson pursues regular continuing education opportunities. Most recently, she studied advances in cosmetic dentistry as well as advanced occlusion.

Active in the wider community, Dr. Cynthia Stephenson is affiliated with such nonprofits as Give Back a Smile, an organization dedicated to assisting people impacted by domestic violence. The dentist is also a member of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

When not helping patients, Dr. Stephenson enjoys spending time with friends and family. To stay active, she participates in outdoor sports such as biking and skiing. The dentist also appreciates the fine arts and especially admires painting and sculpture.

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