Dr Deborah Fox, Orthodontist - Orthodontist in Rochester Area, New York

Dr. Deborah Fox is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois. An orthodontist, she has a practice in Rochester area, New York. Dr. Deborah Fox designed the practice building with the aid of an orthodontic office designer. For the convenience of her patients, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary coffee are available in the waiting room.

Dr. Fox works with patients of all ages. Her practice offers the Invisalign system as well as traditional braces, both of which help to straighten and align teeth. In addition to improving patients’ dental health, they can help to bolster their confidence.

The orthodontist maintains a blog as well as a website dedicated to informing current and new patients about her practice. Moreover, the website offers information about orthodontic care, including instructions for using invisible retainers and bite plates. For more details, including contact information for the practice, please visit www.mydrfox.com.

The Successful Little Free Library Program in Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Deborah Fox is a Greece, NY, orthodontist who provides patients with quality dental care. Although a busy orthodontist, Dr. Deborah Fox makes time to support community initiatives such as the Little Free Library, which involves the creation of kiosks that encourage people to freely share, borrow, and read books.

One of the most successful implementations of the Little Free Library program has been in Cleveland, Ohio, where the state government enacted a “Third Grade Reading Guarantee” in 2011. This legislation makes a rating of “proficient” a statewide prerequisite for advancement to the fourth grade.

In response to this law, which was expected to adversely impact students in low-income neighborhoods, a number of civic groups came together to create a network of Little Free Libraries. Sponsored by the Cleveland Public Library, the project has involved local nonprofits, businesses, and public agencies in creating Little Free Libraries citywide.

The program has been lauded by civic leaders as having a significant effect in boosting parent and child engagement in reading. This, in turn, has helped ensure that young learners are able to progress through elementary school and graduate on schedule.