Dr. Deborah Williams

Founder and CEO of Globalscope

About Dr. Deborah Williams

An experienced medical researcher and current associate professor at the Touro College of Pharmacy, Dr. Deborah Williams is the founder and chief executive officer of Globalscope. As the organizational leader of the New York-based nonprofit organization, she works hard to extend quality public health services to vulnerable members of the population in New York. Under the leadership of Deborah Williams, MD, and fellow members of the leadership team, Globalscope has forged strategic relationships with organizations such as the National Organization for Black Veterans and the Morgan State University Public Health Alumni Chapter.

Dr. Deborah Williams received a PhD in molecular parasitology from the New York University School of Medicine and an MD from the SUNY Downstate Medical School. A longtime member of the American Medical Association and the National Association of Minority Medical Educators, she formerly belonged to the Congressional Committee for HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean and Africa. Over the years, Dr. Deborah Williams has spoken at a wide variety of engagements, including the National Association of Health Educators and the Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network.