Donald Sonn: Valued Physician

Donald Sonn has been a valued member of the medical community for more than 17 years. As both member of the Urology Group of Western New England and a practicing Urologic Surgeon since 1997, Sonn has continually shown considerable prowess in and passion for what he does, as well as an unwavering commitment to provide every patient with the best, most effective treatments possible.

A graduate of the Yeshiva University Albert Einstein School of Medicine, as well as a former Chief Resident of the Department of Urology at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Donald Sonn continues to work tirelessly towards providing every patient, every colleague and the UGWNE organization with the best service possible. A Tufts University School of Medicine Assistant Clinical Professor for nearly a decade, as well as the Chief of Surgery at Cooley Dickinson Hospital for over six years, Sonn has always been able to demonstrate his passion through a strong work ethic, considerable skill and the characteristics of an effective team leader.

The field of medicine has always been special to Donald Sonn, who has shown an admirable level of dedication to his profession for nearly two decades. A Fellow of the American College of Surgeons since 2001. Visit more detail