Dr Doug Hammond

Dr. Doug Hammond of Huntsville, Alabama                              

About  Dr Doug Hammond

Periodontist Dr. Doug Hammond provides numerous dental services at his Huntsville, Alabama, facility. Focused on periodontal disease, Dr. Hammond prevents and treats unhealthy gum conditions through techniques ranging from gum grafting to root planing and guided tissue regeneration. He also treats various other dental disorders using different techniques, including crown lengthening and dental implants, which require a five-step process in which he remains with the patient starting with diagnosis and treatment planning and finishing with the installation of the prosthetic tooth. He also performs cosmetic enhancements for patients with excessive gingival display, asymmetric gingival margins, and other conditions. Utilizing the latest equipment, Dr. Doug Hammond owns one of the few clinics in the state that features Cone-Beam CT-scanning capabilities. To book an appointment with him, visit www.drdoughammond.com.

When not tending to patients, Dr. Hammond relaxes by spending time with his wife and two children. He exercises by jogging, biking, swimming, playing golf, and shooting basketball. Interested in economics, Dr. Doug Hammond reads about trading securities and managing assets. One of Alabama's only dentists named a Diplomate with the American Board of Oral Implantology, he stays active in his field by belonging to additional professional organizations such as the Huntsville Madison County Dental Society.                            

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