Oh you're fancy, huh?

Dream On by Jessica Sadeckas

To everyone who ever said my dream is too big.

As my younger sister begins her college search, she also must start to think about what type of career she wants. A dream of hers is to work in the film industry but because of an ongoing debate in our family, she has also thought about medical school, the more 'practical choice.' Since having a conversation with her, I have begun supporting anyone who has ever been discouraged from achieving their dream job. For the record, not all dreams should be unreachable because, well, that's just depressing. So I have taken it upon myself to help my peers develop themselves professionally and help them do what they love to do. What makes me think that I, as a student, have the right to give advice on careers when I've never worked for a big corporation? Valid argument. But, what I believe makes me an excellent source is the simple fact that I came to college with my heart set on working for a large film production company in Los Angeles after graduation and I have done everything I possibly can to make myself the ideal candidate for the position that I want. With graduation quickly approaching, I must spend the upcoming months doing research on potential employers and preparing myself for possible rejection, which is completely normal and I will not let that keep me from my dreams. So how might a twenty-something-year-old get a job that they love while still being able to pay their bills? The answer is compromise. If you want to be a film producer, intern with film companies. Small companies still count, and even if you aren't doing much there, at least you are there getting exposure! I've learned that data entry and coffee runs are boring and irritating, however you are still getting exposure and that may be more than the other guy who has done nothing yet and has the same career goals as you. At this point, I feel as if I'm rambling so I will leave you with this: one thing that has helped me get the experience to get me started is getting involved on campus. There is at least one organization that can provide you with some skills that you will need. But if there isn't? Start one yourself! Leadership and relevant skills? Sounds like the start to an excellent resume.

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