Dr. Edward Rose

Broad Background in Family Medicine

About Dr. Edward Rose

An experienced medical professional possessing a broad background of training and expertise, Dr. Edward Rose began preparing for his career in cardiology as a student at Michigan Technological University, where he earned a bachelor of science in biology. Following this, he gained acceptance to the University of Michigan Medical School to receive a doctor of medicine. Later, Dr. Edward Rose attended Central Michigan University, where he received a graduate degree in health care administration.

Over the course of his career in medicine, Dr. Edward Rose spent several years as an attending physician in the area of family medicine, having practiced at institutions such as the Permanente Medical Group, Covenant Healthcare, and La Clinica de la Raza in Vallejo, California. He has been board-certified in this specialty. Currently, he works as a technical specialist and medical writer for MMS Holdings, Inc.

When not attending to his professional responsibilities, Dr. Edward Rose gives back to his community by dedicating time and resources to causes such as indigent care and the ASPCA.

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