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Tips for the post-baby phase

At OpenStile we know that powerful things happen when women look and feel their best. We want women at all stages of life to own their unique, personal style. Jackie Weisman of Muddling Momma shares some great tips on dressing Mommy during that oh-so-difficult post baby phase. Enjoy!

I have a very clear memory of looking at my naked body in the mirror when my son was about a month old. I had just taken off my maternity underwear, yoga pants, and stained tank top to take a (much needed) shower. My first thought was, "Well. That’s different".

Seventeen months later, I am finding that many of my mommy friends thought the same thing. And why shouldn’t they? We had each grown a tiny human in our bellies and then BIRTHED them. Why should we expect our bodies to immediately fall back into place?

I really struggled with my post baby wardrobe pieces. I was going back to work, though telecommuting most of the time with my little ONE in tow. Whether you are off to an office or being a stay at home momma here are 3 simple tips to keep in mind:

  • Get a Bra Fitting – I can’t stress this enough. I went to Bloomers in Alexandria with another momma friend when Mike was a year old and her little one was almost two. She breastfed, I didn’t, yet we BOTH had a new bra size. It made a world of difference in how I felt and looked. Who doesn’t love a new, pretty bra that fits?
  • It’s All About the Fit – Unless you have a celebrity trainer, personal chef, and a nanny, you’re not going to be the size you were before you grew a human. Sometimes it takes years to lose the baby weight and even if you do, your body has still changed. You owe it to yourself to buy clothes that fit and don’t make you look like a tick ready to pop. Don’t look at the size, just try it on and move forward.
  • Toss Your Maternity Underwear – Really. Just do it. You don’t have to replace them with lace g-strings, but you don’t need them anymore. Sure they are comfy and big, but there are plenty of other options out there that do the same thing, without coming up to your belly button. Consider seamless hipsters or cotton boy shorts.

Now you have some starter tips. What should you buy?

  • Jeans with Stretch – We’ve all seen the pictures of moms who have ‘let themselves go’. Notice that none of those photos showed a mom wearing jeans? You should have at least one pair of comfortable jeans that fit your new body. Look for stretch and mid-rise since they are the most forgiving. Also, try a new style! I was convinced skinny jeans wouldn’t flatter my plus size apple shaped body. I was wrong and now they are my go-to. Also, boyfriend jeans are in style and they sit a little looser making them high on the comfort scale.
  • Wrap dresses – Heading back to work or need something nicer than jeans? Look for wrap dresses. They tend to be more forgiving around the midsection and are easy to dress up or down for multitasking ability. They are also great for those who breastfeed and need ‘easy access’.
  • Foundation Garments – Foundation (or shapewear) pieces have come a long way from your grandma’s girdle! You get an instant polished look while hiding your new problem areas. The key to foundation shopping is to keep looking until you find one that works and is comfortable. Hate your thighs? There’s a foundation for that. Belly jiggling? There’s a foundation for that. Need a full night’s sleep? There is no foundation for that … yet.
  • Accessorize – This is the easiest option and probably the most fun. After you stock up on the basics that fit your new shape, add some funky earrings, a fair trade scarf or chunky bracelet. And who knew that teething necklaces could be fashionable?!? I bought a couple necklaces from Chunky Potatoes and continue to wear them.

Coming to terms with your new body can be difficult, but you deserve to feel pretty in clothes that fit and reflect your unique style. You have a little person to enjoy!

Jackie and her son Mikey

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3 years ago

love this Tackk! I understand how difficult it is to feel cute right after having a baby.