Myles Standish

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By: Drew Sheffield

The Commander of the Plymouth colony

Myles Standish was many things he was the luitenant for Queen Elizabeths army, and was stationed in Holland for a short time he had meet the local pilgrims that were there, he was also the assisitant governor of the colony, he was the first treasurer, and best known for being the commander of the colony and lead sucsessful attacks. During being the commander, explorers lead by Myles found what is now Plymouth bay that had been cleared by indians.Later they found that they indians had been killed by a recent epidemic. He also lead the attacks on the indians in the Massachusetts bay after they were caught in a conspiricy planing an attack on the Plymouth and nearby colonys. He was one of the veary few who had not goten sick the first winter, and is recorded that he had helped with the sick and dieing.