Drew Ciccarelli

Investor and Successful Business Owner

About Drew Ciccarelli

As CEO of DMC Capital Investments in Charleston, South Carolina, Drew Ciccarelli invests in and owns a number of successful startup companies. He owns a stylish restaurant and lounge known as Republic Reign, which stands out as one of Charleston's most popular upscale eating and drinking destinations. Drew Ciccarelli also owns the award-winning restaurant Charbar Co. in Hilton Head, South Carolina, which has earned recognition as the best new restaurant in town as well as the best source for a high-quality hamburger.

Applying his knowledge of the food service industry, Drew Ciccarelli has also become owner of BTO Yogurt, a popular frozen yogurt company in Denver, Colorado. The company began as a retail location as well as a yogurt truck, which stands out as the first of its kind in the city. Grown extensively since its inception, it now employs more than 100 individuals across the United States. Mr. Ciccarelli also owns and invests in a number of other restaurants in South Carolina and beyond, as well as numerous clothing manufacturers, retail outlets, and fitness centers. He has played a key role in the creation of the sportswear company Musclepharm, to which he contributed as a seed investor.

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