Drew Lane


Mesopotamia is from the Greek language meaning between two rivers. The two rivers that surrounded the Fertile Crescent is the Tigris and Euphrates river. This land is located in modern day Syria and Turkey.

How were the Mesopotamian Advanced?  

I believe that the Mesopotamian were advanced ,because of the many things they invented. They invented writing, medicine,irrigation, and many other things.


The first system of writing was called cuneiform.  Cuneiform was a series of symbols that were used to make words. Many people didn't know how to read and write because they had other jobs. Although, the job to read and write was the scribes job. They went to special schools to learn how to.


Most illnesses were often blamed on the Gods,Goddesses, and Spirits. People were dying due to the sicknesses, so the Mesopotamians  created medicine to stop the spreading of diseases. To create the medicine they used plants, herbs, and spices.


Irrigation is a system of canals and walls to control water. They used this system to their advantage. With this they could keep the soil rich and fertile and it would flood and destroy the land, buildings, food source, or peoples life.With this system they had a food surplus and when this happened the population began to grow. Soon this made the first city recorded in history.

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