Dr. Gary Lee OK

An OK Family Doctor

About Dr. Gary Lee OK

A physician, Dr. Gary Lee provides a high professional standard of family and sports medicine care to patients in the Skiatook, OK, area through his private medical office. The practice furnishes both inpatient and outpatient treatment for individuals impacted by conditions like cystic fibrosis, sports injuries, disabilities, and allergies. Dr. Gary Lee also treats patients through Grove Integris Hospital, where he attends to patients with problems ranging form serious infections to diabetes.

Besides his commitment to local hospitals and his private practice, Dr. Gary Lee works as a medical advisor with OK Compounding, a company that helps people customize their prescriptions. He assists OK Compounding by developing novel pharmaceutical combinations.

Dr. Lee enjoys spending time with his loved ones. For entertainment, he watches most new movies appearing at the cinema and closely follows the sports of basketball and football. A faithful individual, he seeks wisdom from the Bible and pays special attention to the New Testament.

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