Dr Geoffrey VanderPal

Experienced Finance and Business Lecturer Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal

Dr. Geoffrey A. VanderPal is the Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer of Elite Financial Planning Group of America, Inc. Since 2002, Dr. VanderPal has utilized his extensive experiences and knowledge to manage the wealth of high net-worth clientele. Nevada’s most highly qualified and credentialed financial planner, Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal has five insurance and six securities licenses, including the designations Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, and Certified Fund Specialist. Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal’s personable and thorough services have inspired a loyal and consistently growing client base.

The possessor of three degrees, Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal began his education in 1993 at Columbia College, where he studied finance, marketing, and management. After earning his Bachelor of Science, Dr. VanderPal decided to continue his education at Webster University, where he earned his Master of Business Administration in 1997. In 2006, Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal earned his Doctor of Business Administration degree and Finance, graduating with honors. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal invented and patented a voice-recording alarm clock before graduating high school, earning him a place in 1998’s “Who’s Who of American Inventors.” Several years later, Dr. VanderPal created a mutual fund company at age 25. Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal’s proven talent in the financial field later earned him several managerial positions with Citibank/Citicorp Investment Services, Inc. and First Union Securities, Inc.

In his limited spare time, Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal enjoys spending time with loved ones, reading, learning about new cultures, and traveling all over the world. To date, he has visited over 30 countries.

Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal lived and worked in the US and Asia.