Dr Grace Graham - Owner, Clinical Psychologist and Consultant

Dr. Grace Graham, a Clinical Psychologist practicing in Plano, Texas, has operated Charis Counseling and Psychological Services since 1992. As Chief Executive Officer and sole Clinical Psychologist at the private practice, Dr. Graham treats patients living with mood and anxiety disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety. Dedicated to ensuring the well-being of children, Dr. Grace Graham also conducts psychological evaluations on behalf of the Texas court system in her capacity as a Consultant. She maintains licensure in the State of Texas as a Psychologist and School Psychology Specialist.

Dr. Grace Graham attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Dr. Graham continued her psychology education with graduate studies at the Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon, earning her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 1989. She went on to attain her Doctor of Clinical Psychology in 1991 from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. Dr. Graham also holds a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Prior to completing her doctoral studies, Psychologist Dr. Grace Graham did her yearlong pre-doctoral internship at the Minirth-Meier Clinic, located in Richardson, Texas. She remained at the Minirth-Meier Clinic for her post-doctoral residency program. During her internship and residency programs, Dr. Graham completed concurrent rotations at the Minirth-Meier Outpatient Clinic, the Minirth-Meier Day Hospital program, and the Mental Health Inpatient Units in North Texas Medical Center (i.e., Wysong Hospital in McKinney, Texas). In these programs, which were headed by the Minirth-Meier professional staff members, Dr. Graham provided psychological testing to the patients in the Adult general Mental Health ward and the Adolescent Eating Disorder ward. She also performed neuro-psychological assessment for the Geriatric and Brain-trauma unit under the supervision of neuro-psychologist Dr. Stephen Chock.

A practicing Christian, Dr. Grace Graham belongs to St. Andrew United Methodist Church. She supports Texas Loves Children (TLC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that children who have experienced abuse or neglect receive the legal representation that they deserve. TLC operates the Texas Lawyers for Children program and a number of training seminars on the effect of abuse and neglect on a child’s development and mental health.

The Psychological Impact of Bullying

An advocate of Texas Loves Children, Dr. Grace Graham is a clinical psychologist practicing in Plano. Dr. Grace Graham treats patients at Charis Counseling, where she focuses on adolescent issues, including bullying.

While past research has shown bullied children have a higher risk of emotional disorders, such as depression and panic, a more recent 2013 study conducted by Duke University Medical Center indicates that anxiety can develop in both parties, the bully and victim. The study also finds that emotional distress can last through a person’s mid-twenties.

The study, which involved 1,420 individuals, began during their childhood and carried on through the age of 26. Researchers asked a series of questions about their experiences with bullying and assessed each person for psychiatric disorders throughout the study. The results concluded that more than a quarter of the participants experienced bullying at least once, while an estimated one in every 10 stated they were the aggressor in the situation. Of those victimized, 24 percent developed a form of anxiety disorder. Further, and 32 percent of those who had been both aggressors and victims had an emotional disorder. Many of these were more likely to be diagnosed with depression or panic disorder.