Dr. Gregory Braccia MD - Practicing Medicine in Philly

Since first arriving on the medical scene and starting his practice, Dr. Gregory Braccia is considered by many of his patients and medical peers alike as a stellar physician with superb bedside manner and a compassionate man towards all of his patients. Dr. Braccia is well-known in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as one of the top physicians. He has a long tenure within the medical field, with over twenty five years of practicing medicine and caring for patients.

Dr. Gregory Braccia is a proud graduate of Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University, which is located close by in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The top Philadelphia, Pennsylvania school was founded in 1824, and is the ninth oldest existing medical institution in the United States. It's now considered an historical site. The school is well-known for its academic health care center and medical research, involvement in education and patient care Dr. Braccia is a member of many associations, including the International Spine Intervention Society since 1994, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress since 2005, the Institute for Functional Medicine since 2014, and Integrated PractitionerDr since 2014, Certified in Intravenous Nutrition for Physicians and ordaining Minister in the Order of the Melchizedek since 2009, and

Dr. Gregory Braccia practices medicine with the highest degree of mannerism. He gives each patient his undivided attention and treats everyone with the utmost respect. He believes that one of the most important parts of being a good physician is to pay close attention to the patient's feedback. It can tell the doctor what is working why, and where. Sometimes verbal communication is not enough and Dr. Braccia must try to tunr in to non-verbal communication and signs of the pain progression in patients.

Dr. Gregory Braccia MD - Integrative Pain Management

Dr. Gregory Braccia is a well-sought after pain management physician, who received years of additional training in Integrative Pain Management and Infusion Therapy. He is one of the few board certified Anesthesiologist, who also went on obtain outstanding pain medical training. Dr. Braccia always strives to to provide optimal health care for each of his clients and is interested in the practice of functional medicine.

Dr. Gregory Braccia specializes in the area of pain management, which means that he must work very closely with each patient and pays close attention to their experiences. He has been practicing for more than twenty five years and is a well-thought of physician in the medical field. Dr. Braccia has a stellar reputation for both patient progress and improvement, and that success is mainly due to his pain management experience.

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Gregory Braccia tries to relax and stay healthy. He has a number of interests such as sewing, running, food and mechanics. He also enjoys working out at a local gym and weight trains several times a week. He uses encompasses of variety techniques when training that both focus on improving his body and mind. His experience with weight training and other physical activities help to Dr. Braccia stay tied into the latest trends in pain management care for his patients. Each one of his patients is either seeking an answer to either their acute or chronic pain conditions. Dr. Braccia then must come up with the to right treatment plan for each one of his patient, which may include pain medication, intravenous therapies, pain blockers and other medical techniques designed to help with pain management.

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