Dr Jaydutt Patel MD

Dr. Jaydutt Patel - MD at Consultants in Cardiovascular Diseases

Dr. Jaydutt Patel currently uses his skills as an MD at Consultants in Cardiovascular Diseases, Inc., where he works as a cardiac electrophysiologist. He also works as an MD at St. Vincent Health Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. In these roles, Dr. Jaydutt Patel brings more than a decade of experience to the table, having served as a clinical fellow, medical resident, and instructor at several organizations prior to his current roles.

During his time as an instructor, he earned the “Excellence in Teaching in Medicine” clerkship. Dr. Jaydutt Patel earned his MD from Pramukhswami Medical College in Karamsad, India, where he graduated in the top give percent of his class and participated in the volleyball club. He also earned a bachelor's degree at Sardar Patel University in India. Outside of his professional roles, Dr. Patel participates in social service organizations and stays active professionally. He is involved with the American Heart Association and the Medical Reserve Corps, which seeks to strengthen public health and emergency response capacities.