Dr Jennifer Creed

Consulting Veterinarian and Ragdoll Cat Breede

About Dr Jennifer Creed

Based in Illinois, Dr. Jennifer Creed serves as a consulting veterinarian at DePAW University, Canine Campus, Inc., a kennel offering boarding, daycare, and training services for dogs. Practicing veterinary medicine since 1993, she began her career treating animals at Carol Stream Animal Hospital, followed by three years in private practice. Dr. Jennifer Creed subsequently worked as an emergency veterinarian at Emergency Veterinary Services, offering overnight care for sick animals.

Since 1994, she has bred Ragdoll cats, a mix of the Persian, Burmese, and Berman breeds. Her cats have been featured in two books: Ragdoll Cats: Eye to Eye with Cats by Lynn M. Stone and Companion Animals by Dr. Karen Campbell.

Dr. Jennifer Creed earned her DVM from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and later studied business at the College of Dupage. She lives in a farmhouse west of Chicago with her husband, four children, and their pets. When not consulting or running her business Dr. Jennifer's Cats, she enjoys riding horses and engaging in various physical fitness activities.

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