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Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls is a breeder and seller of Ragdoll cats, which were created in the 1960s by Ann Baker. Baker combined three popular breeds, Persians, Bermans, and Burmese, in order to create a new breed of cat that is mostly known for going limp when held, much like a ragdoll. Ragdolls are large and muscular with silky fur that tends to be a white or cream colored, with blue, lilac, or seal colored streaks. The fur rarely mats or sheds, preventing a great deal of clean-up for owners.
Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls raises Ragdoll cats in groups of five or fewer so that cats are appropriately socialized in a home environment, becoming familiar with children, dogs, and other cats to prepare them for a variety of households. Additionally, all cats receive veterinary treatment and are screened for kidney disease, feline immunodeficiency virus, and external and internal parasites. Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls also brings the cats to a cardiologist to check for heart disease and takes great care to follow the recommendations of the Association of Feline Practitioners in ensuring that the cats are healthy. Each cat comes with a full warranty should any issues arise.
Based in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls can hand deliver cats to Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Missouri. The company sells both kittens and adult Ragdolls of both genders. The owner of Dr. Jen’s Ragdolls, Jennifer Woll, is a veterinarian and has been raising Ragdolls since 1994. She and her family of five live in a farmhouse west of Chicago with horses, dogs, turtles, and all the cats.

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