Dr. J Kevin Kaufman Fortworth

14 Years as Fort Worth Neural/Spinal Surgeon

About Dr. J Kevin Kaufman Fortworth

At offices in both Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas, Dr. J. Kevin Kaufman is the primary neurosurgeon with Neurological and Complex Spine Surgery, where he performs anterior cervical fusion and anterior lumbar interbody fusion, along with other surgical procedures for the treatment of neural/spinal conditions. Dr. J. Kevin Kaufman has been a practicing surgeon for 14 years, previously working at the Center for Neurological Disorders (also in Fort Worth). In addition to his responsibilities at Neurological and Complex Spine Surgery, he is a clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at John Peter Smith Hospital.

When not in the office or the classroom, Dr. Kaufman is involved in the advancement of neurosurgery as a writer and lecturer on topics ranging from skull base surgery to brain tumors. He has co-authored articles for peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Neurosurgery, Spine, and Surgical Neurology. Throughout North America, he has given scholarly presentations at official gatherings of medical professionals, such as the annual International Interdisciplinary Congress on Skull Base Surgery, in Cancun, Mexico.

Furthermore, Dr. J. Kevin Kaufman is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the Association of Neurological Surgeons, the North American Spine Society, the American Medical Association, and several other professional organizations.

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