Jaiden Lowe: The Perfect Explorer

This is me!

I am thirty-two years old and I was born and raised in England that is why I want to sail to the west and get more land for England. I have always had a natural curiosity, and am trying to look for new math and science innovations right now. I am brave, trustworthy, loyal, and more than willing to go on an adventure!

Other explorers from England are going to the west to look for gold, but I do not believe that this is the right thing to do. I believe that we should be looking for coal in the Western Hemisphere. France and Spain are also looking to go to the Western Hemisphere, they are looking for gold that they believe lies there. So we need to go to the perfect spot, right where nobody else has looked, south of where John Cabbit has gone and north of where Fransisco Coranado looked. Right were I believe to have the most coal. We are often looking for gold, but I truely don't think we should be, not much gold has been found in the Western Hemisphere, but we could be rich with the amount of coal that's there! While on the way west, there may be some conflict between England and the other European countries, to solve this I believe that we could try to get along and share some land with them. We are not looking for a fight so hopefully we can work together and resolve our conflicts.

Many have spoken of others who live in the Western Hemisphere. I believe that they could be of use to use. First of all many don't believe in our religion anymore, I believe that I could convince them  to convert to our christianity. I also think that they may know how to farm the fertile land that is there, and hunt the animals there. They could be a matter of life or death for the explorers!

Although, I would love to do this for free, going to England, Queen Elizabeth the first, might take some resources, so I will need brave adventurers and funding for the whole trip. With these resources and my amazing traveling skills, I believe that we could set sail in 1573!

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