Dr. Michael Tilson

Accomplished Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Endodontist Dr. Michael Tilson

About Dr. Michael Tilson

An experienced Reynoldsburg, Ohio, endodontist, Dr. Michael Tilson provides patients with quality dental care. His role as an endodontist involves treating the inside of the tooth in cases of infection or inflammation of the pulp. Dr. Michael Tilson typically works with patients experiencing pulp problems due to a chip, a crack, or major decay. Untreated, pulp damage can cause intense pain or result in an abscess.

Dr. Tilson treats compromised pulp by removing it and shaping and cleaning the inside of the tooth. Once the space is filled, a crown or another restoration can be placed over the tooth to bring it back to its original function. The root canal procedure is typically done under a local anesthetic, which ensures that the patient is comfortable throughout the operation. Dr. Michael Tilson counsels patients that the treated tooth may feel slightly tender for some time, particularly in cases where infection or pain were present.

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