The Boys From Brazil

Authored by Yira Levin

Book report: Boaz Schiff

Identity Card - Yaakob Lieberman

Height - 1.78 m

Weight - 65 kg

Job - chasing Nazis

Hobbies - chasing Nazis

Favorite food - Ducks

Think he likes least - Nazis

Dream for future - He wants to chase all the Natis


The story takes place in 1974,  at Sadaki, a Japanese restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil which is located in South America.

"Three men walked into Sadaki japanese restaurant. it was early in september 1974;the city was Sao Paulo in South America".


The conflict is not a personal dillema of any of the story's character. The conflict is between the two main characters-  Dr. Mengele and Yaakov Lieberman. Dr. Mengale had a cruel plan. He wanted to kill 94 people people for a specific reason. Yaakov Lieberman, the Nazi hunter, smelled that something was wrong and start to investigate the sudden death of some people in diffrent countries and the same age of death. Yaakov thinks that Mengele is behaind this terrible plan and he start chasing him.On the other hand Mengele knoe that Yaakov is trying to ruin his plan and does all he can to succeed in his plan and kill Yaakov.

If I was in this situation i would of done  all that I can to prevent from Mengele to succceed


The climax of the story begins when Klaus calls yaakov on the phone. Klaus tells Yaakob that he knows why Mengele kills man but he cant tell him this information on the phone beacause it is to hard to explain. So they met at a university and Klaus tells him what Mengele planed. Mengele planned to make 94 people like Hitler. He will do that using a clone that he invented. And he will alsoe creat the same enviroment that Hitler lived in so that there will be a good chance that someone will become duplicate of Hitler!!! From that moment the reader experiences a falling action  because it is pretty obvious that Mengele will fail.

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