Choosing my project (Entry 1)

For my 20% project I am learning to fly a drone. I Chose this because I have never had the chance to do something like this. I would like to learn how to fly drones because  I think that it would be cool to learn how to film with a drone efficiently. I would not use this as a part of a career.

Research(Day 2)

Today we used an app called A.R. Free Flight to watch some videos on how to fly drones, and some footage of people flying drones.

Research(day 3)

Today I watched some more videos. And finally got to fly a drone. I am hoping to learn how to fly the drone in more detail soon.

Flying(Day 4)

Today we are flying our drone for the first time

I learned how to control the drone using our teacher's ipad. We only got to fly it indoors though. I hope that we will be able to fly it outdoors.

Research(Day 5)

Today I we went outside and was able to fly it outside. It was much harder though because it was very windy. The controls are very easy. Here is a photo of the control pad.

Here is a video of me flying the drone/what I found out(Day 6)

Today I learned to use the camera system on the drone. The drone has a front camera and a bottom camera. You can use them by simply pressing the camera button(for a photo) or the video button (for a video). I am also learning how to smoothly fly the drone

G.P.S./Tech stuff(Day 7)

Today we learned how to use the g.p.s. recorder It is very simple. All that you need to do is plug it in and make a course for it to fly. It will go there and if you press home it comes back. Unfortunately, the drone crashed in the process of this and we need to figure out how to fix it. There is a video of how to use the gps recorder below.

Questions about fixing(Day 8)

Today we found out that one of the propellers is broken and we will need to buy a new one. We may be able to 3D print it instead. The Photo below is a photo of someone using a part that is 3d printed, so this is possible.

Information(Day 9)

Today we still can't figure out fix the drone so we just watched some videos on the drone and figured out how to detach the propellers for when we get the replacement.  

Tech stuff(Day 10)

By now you're probably wondering about how some parts of this drone works. Here is a photo of the inside and how some of the parts work.

The two circles that look like speakers are the sensors.

This allow the done to land not crash and help take photos. In the corners of the foam the propellers connect. You can see these propellers by removing the circuit board. Removing the circuit board is difficult but once you get it off you simply need to take out the center cross which holds the propellers and detach The propellers and replace it.

Tricks(day 11)

Now that I can fly the drone I am interested in learning how to do some tricks. I am starting off by watching some videos of people doing these tricks(above). I am planning on getting a parrot mini drone once I get enough money. I will use this to practice.

Lily/cy phy/New drones(Day12)

The first photo is of a cy phy drone. This drone has 6 propellers instead of 4. This gives it more stabilization.

The other drone we looked at is called the lily drone. The lily drone is a camera that follows you around. The only downside is that its not very hands on. I would like to use the cy phy drone instead of the lily.

Other Drones(Day 13)

I have been looking into other alternative drones to use insted of the one that we have already. here is a list of the top 3 best alternative drones that I could find.

     1)Cheeterson cx-10 nano drone

     2)Ar mini drone


Improvements(day 14)

We have already added zip ties to the propellers so they stay attached better. First off you cold add lights so you can fly it at night more easily. Another thing that you could add is a wifi antenna to improve the wifi strength. Finally you could add inflatables to the bottom of the propellers for better water landing.

Sprite Drone 9
(Day 15)

Today we looked at a new drone called the sprite. this drone works very similarly to the parrot drone all that you need to do is set a course for the drone through your tablet and it will follow that course. It also films. Because of its shape it can fit esilt in your pocket/bookbag. video bellow.

Course (Day 16)

Today we flew an obstacle course it was difficult but I eventualy got it.The course consisted of chairs and a ladder that i had to fly through. Finally at the end I had to land on a small platform. Video bellow.

(Day 17)

Reflections(Day 18)

This is the last entry that I will be doing. So I am using it to reflect on what i learned. First off I learned how to connect my drone to my ipod and quickly learned the controls. After that we learned how to take videos/photos. The next day we figured out how to use the gps system on the drone. We used it fr a little bit until it crashed into a truck. it was unfortunate but we soon got tho do an equally exiting project.....FIXING!!!!! Although it may sound boring we actually learned a lot. We leaned about how to replace propellers. This will be useful if I ever get my own drone. Finally This was a very fun project and I wouldn't have chosen any other project.

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