Dr. Paul Ebben

Experienced Neuropsychologist

About Dr. Paul Ebben

A psychological professional with years of experience, Dr. Paul Ebben holds licensure to practice in Kentucky and heads his private practice, Insight Psychological Consultants, PSC, in Frankfort, Kentucky. Through his practice, he provides a diverse range of critical services, including forensic work for both criminal and civil cases as well as examinations for psychological and neurological disorders. As a testament to his work, Dr. Paul Ebben received recognition in the form of an APA Science Directorate Dissertation Research Award. Previously, he worked as a consultant for New South Psychological Resources in Winchester, Kentucky, and as a clinical neuropsychologist in conjunction with Renaissance Rehabilitation, Inc.

Dr. Paul Ebben’s professional interests extend to a number of topics related to psychology, including forensic neuropsychology as well as ADHD/LD testing and diagnostics. Furthermore, Dr. Ebben is interested in neuropsychology and dementia, in addition to sleep medicine.

Early Traces of the Practice of Neuropsychology

A forensic neuropsychologist with Insight Psychological Consultants, Dr. Paul Ebben uses his extensive experience in the field of psychology to conduct forensic evaluations on people who face criminal charges. The results of Dr. Paul Ebben’s evaluations clarify whether the person facing the charge is mentally competent enough to stand trial. The application of neuropsychology to the legal decision-making process involves knowledge of brain-behavior relationships and how compromised brain functions affect competency and criminal responsibility.

Interestingly, early evidence of the practice of neuropsychology can be seen on an ancient Egyptian medical text called The Edwin Smith Papyrus. Within that text are references to cases involving brain and head trauma. Although the methods of treatment were crude, the text shows that ancient Egyptian physicians had already realized that the different parts of the brain have specific functions. In one such case, the physician who authored the text noted that hemiplegia, or weakness on either the left or right side of the body, can be attributed to a pressure build-up on one side of the brain.

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