Green Connections in Sydney

We went upstate to Sidney New York and had a lot of fun.We went to 4 stations in overall that the kids helped out with.We first met the kids when we got our letters and got an overall view of them.We first met them in person at New York Harbor.When we went upstate we went to stations that were about trees,water testing,flood damages and hiking.I liked the tree station the best because we drilled holes into the tree and saw what was inside and how old it was.For water testing we took a sample of the water and dumped a packet of nitrate into the sample of water and shook it for a minute.Next we waited for it to change color and turned yellow.Since we are testing nitrate yellow means zero which is perfect for water!Next we learned about the bad flooding and damage that happened in Sidney during the many hurricanes since 2000 and how bad the damage was.The picture above is a bridge.See the top of the bridge?The water levels during some hurricanes got so bad that the whole bridge was underwater!While hiking we walked past some past reservoirs.We also saw fishes,frogs,birds and salamanders.Overall it was a great time and I would love to go again.

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