Dr. Robert Perry Campbell

Opiate Replacement Treatment Consultant

About Dr. Robert Perry Campbell

Retired physician Dr. Robert Perry Campbell currently lives in Vancouver, Washington. With over three decades of career history in the medical field, he holds extensive practice experience in preventive medicine, addiction medicine, and opiate replacement treatment. Most recently, he served as the owner of Occupational Health Solutions in Vancouver. In operation for 12 years, his practice focused on providing assessments and treatment recommendations for complex occupational issues and addiction problems. During his career, Dr. Robert Perry Campbell addressed patient conditions in many difficult cases, including public service cases involving youths living on the street who were addicted to heroin. Prior to establishing his private practice, he served as the medical director of Allegheny Technologies, a rare metals manufacturer in Albany, Oregon, and as a division medical officer with the United States Postal Service in Portland, Oregon.

Currently, Dr. Robert Perry Campbell offers consulting services for opiate replacement treatment. He also studies biopharmaceutical developments and conducts independent research into areas such as new diagnostics, biotech, and cancer therapies. His academic studies culminated in a doctor of medicine from Oregon Health & Science University and a master of public health in epidemiology from Tulane University.

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