Much Ado About Nothing

Lennon Bass Jr.

It's just a normal day and love is steal a disease that I don't want. Women are mindless fools, especially one by the name of Beatrice. Beatrice hates love also, her and I once had some type of relationship but is failed resulting in hatred. Deep down I steal believe that she has feelings for me. This was confirmed for me when one day I overheard The prince and my pals talking about how much Beatrice loves me. After there conversation I felt something I never felt before. I began to put the pieces to the puzzle together, she does look at me in a lusting. Somehow we began talking and hitting it off. I often try to keep my fellow friend away from love but the can't help themselves. Especially Claudio he is just drunk in love and wants  to be with a women by the name of Hero.

Don John is sort of like me in that he doesn't like Love but unlike me he wants to ruin love.  On day Don John alarms everyone when he finds Hero having intercourse with another man. Eventually they get "married" and at the wedding Claudio humiliates her and tells the whole town. By this time be and  Beatrice were together she told me that Claudio lied on her and that Hero is innocent. She told me she wanted be to kill Claudio for his lies. Hero did a very smart thing in that she faked her death to get away from the drama.

Eventually Borashio a hater of love comes out with the truth and he reveals that Hero was innocent. He says that Margret dressed up in Hero's clothing and had intercourse with him so that it would appear that Hero was the one cheating. Everyone sighed with relief and dropped all the threats and Hero came out of hiding. Beatrice and I got married and everyone live happily ever after.

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